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July has flown by, as have two of the largest enthusiast conventions in North America – E3 and San Diego Comic Con. With them came a pair of big Tomb Raider talent reveals. Read on for the scoop!

Geoff Keighley has chosen to explore the nuances of Tomb Raider as his third “Final Hours” installment. Leading up to launch, Keighley will be revealing key talent working on the project, as well as diving deep into development of the game. Hosted by Chuck’s Zachary Levi, The first episode of The Final Hours of Tomb Raider went live early July; naming the much mused about voice and performance talent of Lara Croft – Camilla Ludington! I could go on and on about the news, or you could watch Episode 1: An Icon Reborn and get up to speed on Camilla’s pedigree. You can also sign up for the Final Hours of Tomb Raider newsletter here.

We kicked off SDCC on a high note by revealing Tomb Raider’s lead writer the first day of the show. Rhianna Pratchett has been working on Tomb Raider in secret for two years now, and has experience fleshing out tough ladies in the gaming space. Previously she worked on Mirror’s Edge and Heavenly Sword, among other popular franchises. Read more about her reveal here.

Camilla made her public debut representing Tomb Raider at the show, and was received very well via various appearances on MTV, GameSpot, G4, GamerLive.TV, and more. Karl also showed off some extended gameplay for GameSpot, and hundreds of fans flocked to Nerd HQ and Lou & Mickey’s to get their hands on Tomb Raider for the first time! Our Lara Croft cosplay gathering also turned out swimmingly. You can find some photos of the event here.

The biggest highlight of the convention, however, was the pair of Tomb Raider panels. Thanks to Break.com you can view the Nerd HQ panel in full. You can also tune into the bulk of the SDCC panel (due to some connectivity issues the beginning was clipped off) here.

Last month also concluded our biggest forum competition to date, entitled “Tomb Raider Fanart: By Hand.” With a massive 360+ entries, the Tomb Raider community has really outdone itself. Paintings, pencil drawings, Lara sculptures, cosplay props, a puppet theatre, and even an edible Scion made from pizza were entered into the contest! It took weeks for studio employees and forum staffers to finish voting, but the winners have finally been decided!
Congratulations to:

Priscillia Thomas (Grand Prize)
Jerome aka dj3r0m (Forum Choice)
Artemyeva Tatyana aka OneMorePike (Most Original)
Sina aka Madenice (Random Draw)

Below you'll find a video of Brian and I going through the winning submissions, followed by a slideshow of all the entries. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

E3 and SDCC seemed to inspire an onslaught of impressive fanart, and you can find a few of my favorites from the month below. .

• Croft Couture #9: Jessie
• Croft Couture #8: Lena
• Tomb Raider Tours #9: Luke Earle
• Fanart: Lara Croft, Survivor by Priscillia
• Fanart: Lara Sketch by AdamLara
• Fanart: Lara Croft by Djiuito
• Fanart: Searching the Path by BlackAssassin999
• Fanart: Lara’s Back! By Siksix

‘Til next time!

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